Famous Circuses in History and Modern Circuses

Circuses are famous by their size, by programs and performances they provide. By the number of animals, they have or how grandiose is their set. But they are also famous by accidents that happened to them or in them.

Picture Of Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Vienna 2004

List of Famous Circuses

Circus is almost universal. There is probably no country where circus is unknown and there are many circus companies in the world. Some names are even famous around the world. Here are some of famous circuses.

Picture Of Fire Breathers In Circus

Famous Circus Accidents

Although we expect circuses to be happy places, people that work there defy death on almost daily basis. Read more about famous circus accidents and tragedies.

Picture Of Elephant Act

Types of Circus Skills

Circus artists have sets of special skills which most of them train since the early age. Some of these skills are as old as the circus itself while the other are fairly recent and new ones are invented almost constantly. Read more about different types of circus skills.

Picture Of Circus Finale