The World's Most Famous Circuses

  • Circus Vargas is Circus from United States. It was founded in the mid-1960s by Clifford E Vargas and is today one of the rare circuses to perform in tent (so called “big top”).
  • Cirque du Soleil is a contemporary circus (“nouveau cirque”) from Canada (Montreal, Quebec) and is considered the largest theatrical producer in the world. Its performance consists of various circus styles from around the world.
  • Cirque Medrano is a French circus from Paris. It was formed from family Cirque Fernando and British travelling circus family Robert Austen Brothers. It was first Robert Austens Mediterrean Circus and then it became MedRAno.
  • Circus Contraption is a circus, vaudeville and dark cabaret troupe based in Seattle, Washington. They have around about a dozen performers, they use live, original music in their performances and they sell their music on CDs. Circus Contraption was founded in 1998.
  • Circus Krone was founded by Carl Krone in 1905. It is one of the largest circuses in Europe and one of the rare that has its own building which is in Munich, Germany.
  • Circus Oz is a contemporary circus with elements of rock'n'roll, popular theater and satire from Melbourne, Australia founded in 1978. Except performances they do they also have ongoing social justice agenda and they often support humanitarian causes.
Picture Of Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Vienna 2004
  • Cirkus Cirkör is a contemporary circus founded in 1995 in Stockholm Sweden. It is predominantly vaudeville and variety show-inspired and performs in small venues. Its home arenais called “Subtopia”.
  • Circus Redickuless was formed in Los Angeles by punk-rock impresario “Chicken” John Rinaldi and Michael Gump in 1995. It toured for four years and had talentless performances like: “Speed Metal tap dance”, “The Talking Mime”, and “Amazing Jarico Reese - the talentless magician”.
  • Lennon Bros Circus is a traditional circus from Australia founded in 1890s. They have wild cats, staff of 35 people, 14 trucks, 2 semi-trailers, 14 caravans and they made their own big top.
  • Moscow State Circus is name for used for a variety of circuses but is most commonly used for two buildings in Moscow: the “Circus Nikulin” and “Bolshoi Circus”.
  • NoFit State Circus is a contemporary circus from Cardiff, Wales. They perform, among other places, in a custom-designed big top spaceship tent.
  • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is a traditional circus from US founded in 1907. They call themselves “The Greatest Show on Earth”. They maintain two train-based tours (each train is a mile long) and one truck-based tour. Maybe they are the greatest show on Earth.
  • Circuba is Cuba's national circus founded in 1968. Members of the company are required to first complete the normal academic course and then they can attend four-year training so they can be circus artisans.
  • The Flying Fruit Fly Circus is a youth circus from Australia founded in 1970s. It is also the only full-time circus school in Australia and it provides program of education for kids of varying ages and abilities. The Flying Fruit Fly Circus school was founded in 1987 and it is guided by policy frameworks of the Victorian Department of Education.
Picture Of Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Vienna 2004